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We All Love Ourselves Some Good Eats…

Some Good Eats

good eats tuna sandwich Follow Me on Pinterest Here’s a thing about what I will talk about going forward that I know you will undoubtedly love… you get too eat frequently. Truth is, I do insist. Try 6 or 7 times every day. Now, I’m not say 6 visits to Big Al’s Big Bites daily. If you’d do this, then the only big thing will be your gut and your butt.

However, I’m telling you to to eat frequently and to also eat less. By eating 6 or 7 easy-to-fix or easy-to-find simple meals and mini-meals (or snacks) during the day, you certainly will not go hungry as you follow these programs. There are several good reasons for this, all supported by research.

If you consume smaller, yet frequent meals throughout the day it enables your body to best benefit from all the nutrients and in turn will give you and your body the maximum chance of building muscle. Simply put, you HAVE TO feed your body in order to grow.

It makes absolutely no sense for you to stuff yourself at the dinner table in the hopes that you will grow big. Your body simply cannot consume all the nutrients so what happens is, you flush all the rest down the toilet! What a waste!

Through eating frequent meals, your body can consume and process all the necessary nutrients and in turn will help your body maintain a tissue-building or anabolic state.

This in turn makes it possible to burn off excess fat. All the calories will be used up rather than being stored as fat. Simple as that :)

I will provide you with a large number of diets that are not only yummy but also nutritious as well as well-balanced. A correct ratio of protein, carbs and fats will be maintained that will help you build muscle when you follow all the programs. 

So You’re Stuck At The Office? Here’s Some Office Exercises You Can Do

Some Great Office Exercises

office exercises Follow Me on Pinterest So you’re office bound, don’t have time to get to a gym and need some good office exercises? Not a problem as here are some exercises you can do while stuck at your desk. These will keep you flexible and loose.

Hamstring Office Exercises

Pull your knees up to your chest and join your hands around them. Now you need to hold this position for about 5 – 7 seconds. Release and return to your previous position. Rinse and Repeat 5 times.

Shoulder Office Exercises

If someone asks you something that you don’t know the answer to, what do you do? You shrug! Hold the shrug for 2 – 4 seconds and release. Again, do this sequence 5 times. DON’T do this when your boss asks you a questions though… not such a good idea :)