So You’re Stuck At The Office? Here’s Some Office Exercises You Can Do

stretching exercises at office

Some Great Office Exercises

So you’re office bound, don’t have time to get to a gym and need some good office exercises? Not a problem as here are some exercises you can do while stuck at your desk. These will keep you flexible and loose.

Hamstring Office Exercises

Pull your knees up to your chest and join your hands around them. Now you need to hold this position for about 5 – 7 seconds. Release and return to your previous position. Rinse and Repeat 5 times.

Shoulder Office Exercises

If someone asks you something that you don’t know the answer to, what do you do? You shrug! Hold the shrug for 2 – 4 seconds and release. Again, do this sequence 5 times. DON’T do this when your boss asks you a questions though… not such a good idea :)

Lower Back Office Exercises

I don’t know about you, but the part of my body that suffers the most when confined to my desk is my lower back. All you need to do is sit properly in your chair, bend over forwards and place your palms on the floor. Hold for a couple of seconds and return to where you started. Do this 5 times while making sure you are in a comfortable and stable chair.

Wrist Office Exercises

Ever heard of a Mexican Wave? Well, while remaining seated do the Mexican Wave while rotating your hands 10 times alternating palms up and palms down. You should know by now that it should be repeated 5 times.

Hand and Finger Office Exercises

Your boss really ticked you off at work today. Make a tight fist and for 2 – 3 seconds imagine punching him as hard as you can. Release your fists and place them palm down on your desk spreading your fingers wide apart for another 5 seconds. Repeat this again, for 5 seconds.

Hope these couple of simple office exercises helps you through those long, hard days at the office.