Is There a Science To Building Strength?

the science of strength

Over 30 years ago, Big Ron at Ron’s Gym was the goto guy for everyone wanting to build muscle, lose weight or just get themselves all buff and stuff. Big Ron knew everything from how much iron to pump and how often to what to eat and what not to eat.

He was the king of supplements and most of the time, people got results because some of what ‘ol big Ron was teaching was right. Unfortunately, some of it was also very dangerous…

Luckily, 30 odd years on people know better. Guys in white coats have been studying this stuff and continues to do so as I am typing this. Long term researches are done and studies are carried out. These people even get doctorates in athletic performance and muscle building. They call it “Exercise Physiology“.

Fitness, muscle building and nutrition is a science. Look, I am by no means saying that I am the expert here — but I have been studying, researching and learning for a couple of years now. I have read and seen it all and have decided to take the best of what I have learnt and to share it with you, the reader.

You are more than welcome to take what you read or learn here and compare it, scrutinize it and question it. What I am going to be sharing with you here has all been scientifically proven and although it might not be the be-all and end-all of muscle building — I can assure you that you will leave this site having learnt at least 1 new thing.

Now, when it comes to nutrition — science also knows what’s cooking (excuse the pun). Whether your goal is to maximize your weight training muscle gains or to trim fat, we will be there holding your hand the whole way.

When it comes to nutrition, we will be sharing with you some scientifically based eating plans. The cool thing about this is that you are going to be eating scientifically. Who knows, you might just enjoy it!!

Because you’ll be eating scientifically, the results you are going to be experiencing will go way further than just the reflection staring back at you in the mirror. Best of all, you are going to have fun and learn a heap of new and interesting stuff.

To end off, this is what I enjoy doing — I have had my ups and my downs, my hoorah moments and my shitty ones. What I want you to realise is that I do this and share what I learn with you because I know how much nonsense is out there. You are going to find stacks and stacks of websites trying to sell you something. Not here.

I will never, ever try and sell you something directly on this site. Rest assured that there are no hidden agendas, back-end offers, up-sells or anything remotely like that. No fluff, just pure content.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy the ride.

Photo by [AndreasS]